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A unique signature process to help
women heal from toxic relationships and break generational cycles that  keep them stuck. 

When I ask my clients:
"What do you really want?"

I get answers like....

"I want to heal from toxic relationships and past trauma"

"To understand why I keep attracting the same types of men over and over again"

"I want to keep my kids from making the same mistakes I made"

"To be able to trust myself when it comes to choosing men"

Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you can relate.

You want to be healthy and happy so you can eventually feel safe enough to
give AND receive the love you deserve. You want to show your (future) kids what a healthy relationship looks like, even though you've never seen one.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

You can have the relationship you've always dreamed of !!!!!!

Hi, I'm Marcee

God never intended for you to be alone.

He wants you to be in a relationship that demonstrates His love for the church. He created you to be loved by a man who represents His love for you!

I know, because I've been exactly where  you are. I went from being single, frustrated, hurt, angry, rejected and abandoned by "love"


happy, healed, married and free from generational curses that affect almost every relationship. 

In the Healing Hearts Academy, you will

  • Transform yourself AND your (future) relationships
  • End generational curses for yourself and your (future) children
  • Meet some awesome, like-minded women in your "sister circle"
  • Get the accountability you need to achieve your goals
  • Love yourself like never before

The Healing Hearts Academy Includes:

  • 6 Pre-recorded classes with worksheets ($498 value)
  • 3 Sister Circles- (virtual) accountability meetups hosted by Marcee. All the Q / A you can eat. ($225 value) 
  • 1 Vision Board party to help you rock your future ($25 value)
  • 1 Quick-Start Summit with experts who will help you with goal digging ($39 value)
  • Bonus 1: Spiritual declarations and affirmations over your future ($priceless)
  • Bonus 2: Journal Prompts for each class ($priceless)

There are only a few slots available for the HHA Academy. This is an introductory price that may never be offered again. If you don't take advantage for yourself, do it for your (future) kids. 

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